Dear Soul Mate

Until I meet you, I will write to you.

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hair kisses are so lovely.

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Hello my peter pan.Grown up little boy.Who will I be today?Your Tinkerbell or Wendy bird?The voice or reason or co conspirator?You’ve learned to jugglethe girl you’ve been given.Learned to dress me in your arms and promises.No easy task, for sure.I am a complicated creature.a tip toeing contradiction at times.Hurry up, slow down.It seems life measured your resourcesand my needsand deemed them a perfect fit.The simple truth is…I need you. need your face in my freshly washed hair.need your “one days” and “forevers”need the fingertips that walk my ribs.Sunshine seekers.The two of us, on our boat of bed sheets.Your laughter is my island.

Melissa Jordan - Dear Baby
love in the fading sun
our future